On Focusing In and Branching Out

This past year has been one of great reflection.  So what if nothing has turned out exactly as I planned?  I am currently engaged in focusing in and branching out.  At any given point in time, each of us has the ability to reinvent ourselves and redefine the paths that our life will take from this point onward.  And that is the place where I find myself today.  It begins with letting go of the past setting new priorities and then working like a dog to achieve your life goals.  It requires guts, determination and a rock solid faith in both God above and yourself as an individual.  Starting over midlife is not for the faint of heart.  I am pleased to announce that I am up for the challenge.  Who knows where life will take me from here but I have a general idea in the directions that I am heading.  And I know without a doubt that it is going to be an interesting journey.

For many months now I have been off grid and greatly distanced from many things including the people and activities that I love.  I have learned much during this period of time.  But now it is time to share where I am headed…to reconnect and begin anew.   I have totally revamped this personal blog – not for the first time since its inception.  I am using it primarily as a reorganization tool and a means of communication with friends, family and business interests.  If you are here, you have some interest in my life endeavors. Thank you for visiting my personal blog.  I am glad that you took the time to stop in and I hope to hear from you soon!

Darlene R. Umet



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