Career Pathway (Geek Girl)

I have always been fascinated by studying any individual’s career pathway.  Very few individuals maintain a straight pathway from their post high school and collegiate career plans.  Opportunities arise and sometimes lead  us far astray from our original career objectives.  I myself started out with every intention of remaining a programmer analyst throughout my employment years.

As we progress through our career pathways, we add skill sets and experiences that make us unique job candidates.  For me, the catalyst for career change occurred when I chose to stay at home with my children during their early developmental years.  Since I had five children, the career gap from my previous employment as a programmer analyst stretched a full decade and a half.  When I re-entered the job marketplace, a lot had changed and I had to start all over at square one.  I quickly learned to focus on the items that were still relevant to the current job market – somewhat abandoning my technology experience and leaning heavily on management, accounting and finance principles.

At one point, I found myself working as an administrative assistant in an engineering firm. There was a RFP looming and I began to call upon my technology skills to assist the engineers.  I recall one engineer stating, “You have incredible IT aptitude, perhaps you should consider going to college!”  Needless to say, I was not content to remain in that position long term.  I migrated into non-profit management and began to build upon my abilities to combine accounting, finance and technology.  This eventually led me into the healthcare industry where I gained extensive experience as both a systems and financial analyst.

This new career direction served me well until I hit a second career snag:  I developed several interrelated and debilitating rare autoimmune diseases.  There came a time when I had to once again abandon a career path – this time focusing on my health as I had previously done as a parent focusing on her children.

And that pretty much leads me to my present day employment situation.  My goal at this point in time is to work remotely as a financial analyst in either the healthcare or another industry. I am actively seeking employment and utilizing every media tool available that I run across.  I am much healthier than I was when I resigned from my last position but I am not yet ready to accept the challenges of working daily at an onsite location.

Out of sheer necessity, I have focused in and branched out into several areas including: motivational speaking, creative writing and publishing, entrepreneurship and professional mystery shopping.  It has been an interesting few years, but I would really like to find that one last “sink my teeth into” job position in which I could remain until my retirement.

For further information, please visit my professional website at I am a very open individual and I have no issues discussing my personal health information as I am also an active advocate for rare disease patients around the world.  I know that I still have a lot to contribute to the right employer who is willing to work with me in my current situation.  You can also contact me through LinkedIn at:  Darlene Ulmet – LinkedIn Profile.

Thank you for visiting my personal website and have a blessed day!