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I am currently reading A Street Cat Named Bob, The World According to Bob, and A Gift From Bob.  I am hard pressed to decide whether it is Bob or James who I find so captivating.  Good holiday reads with uplifting messages in all three books.

a_street_cat_named_bob_and_how_he_saved_my_life-bowen_james-21446465-1571505936-frntlWorld according to bobA gift from bob


I am currently reading Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes.



I am currently reading the McRyan Mystery Series.  Author Roger Stelljes has a great purchase offer on his blog at:

Author Offer:  For a short time I am dropping the price of FIRST DEADLY CONSPIRACY – 3 book box set to $.99 ( The box set includes the first three books in the bestselling McRyan Mystery Series (First Case, The St. Paul Conspiracy, and Deadly Stillwater). So if you haven’t read the first three books it is time to catch up before the next release! Ebooks are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes. Happy reading!

I am about midway through the first book and I have a slight crush on Mac who abandons a lucrative legal career and returns to his “police family roots” as a homicide detective.  Thus far, a very good mystery read.

BoxSet_Roger 1326x1500


In anticipation of my relocation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I ran across this wonderful author.  I have finished the first two books in the series and I am currently reading the third.  Excellent reads by an author who writes a good mystery and totally captures the environment of coastal living.

Tide of Darkness     Overwash of Evil     Not our kind of killing


I purchased this book for my son Robert for Christmas 2013.  I decided that I would read it also and I am so glad that I did.  An excellent book with a unique point of view narration.

Book Thief


Several weeks ago, I was given this book to read by a neighbor. This probably needs to be written up in “It’s a God Thing” because at the time, I really needed to hear the message within this book and I am so very thankful that my neighbor “noticed me”.



Memorial Weekend coming up – time to relax and enjoy some “light” reading.  I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day but since we share a Barnes & Noble nook account…:-)



Just finished the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.  I never thought this type thing would reach mainstream America – much less debut on several New York Times Best Seller lists.  I will say though that the story line was excellent and I immensely enjoyed the entire series!

50 Shades


Currently reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  Wanted to see the movie when it came out but I prefer to read the books first.

Hunger games.jpg


Currently reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63.  Classic “what if you could change the past” with a dark and creepy twist regarding the consequences – the likes of which only SK can conceive!


I am now reading two books by Dr. Mark Vonegut – the writer Kurt Vonegut’s son.  Mark Vonegut is a paranoid schizophrenic who also happens to be a physician!  The first book, The Eden Express, is about his descent into madness.  The second book, Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So, is about how he climbed back out of the pit and regained his suspended medical license.  I have always been fascinated with mental illness – there are so many individuals are so acutely brilliant in their madness.  Perhaps, I am a little crazy?  The question is, could you trust him to be your child’s physician?  Interesting, huh?

The Eden Express: A Memoir of InsanityJust Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So: A Memoir


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