The Mystery Shopper

Last year I discovered the amazing world of mystery shopping.  Since that time, I have mystery shopped banks, fast food restaurants, retail stores, fine dining establishments, pharmacies, cable and satellite TV companies, Internet Service Providers, Cell Phone companies and many more!  I even once shopped a funeral home which was in interesting experience indeed. I have yet to try my hand at video mystery shopping (secret video surveillance in states where permitted by law), but it is up and coming on my mystery shopping experience horizon.   I have also completed a number of “phone shops” and “Internet testing” assignments.

I am an ICO independent contractor member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America that is Gold Certified (#495972).  If you are not familiar with the mystery shopping industry, I can assure you, there is a whole lot more to it than “Was the service and/or product good?”  Mystery shopping is closely integrated with individual company policies and standards of operation as well as quality control and there is a good deal of research and preparation that is done before performing any mystery shop.  The reporting process done after the shop requires a keen eye, an acute attention to detail and a massive amount of memory and organizational skills. Additionally, you need to learn how to keep personal opinions separate in order to provide an unbiased evaluation.  

I have enjoyed the challenge of entering a new professional experience at this point of my life and I look forward many more years of professional mystery shopping in both the near future and well into my retirement years.. I have found mystery shopping to be a very rewarding career expansion and I look forward to the future growth of the industry which has only just begun to scratch the surface of it’s full potential...  I am a registered shopper with dozens of mystery shopping companies and have thoroughly enjoyed the entire mystery shopping experience.